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Mama Update: Rocco is 8 Months Old

I have an 8-month-old baby boy! Crazy. How? I don’t even know. Everything seems like a blur. Rocco hit a few important milestones this month. Here’s his update:

8 Month Old Baby Crawling

Rocco began crawling on his knees this month. He still prefers to army crawl, but he’ll give the knee crawling a chance every now and then. I had been seeing him get up on his knees and swing back and forth for some time now, but he never actually made the move. I always kept an eye on him because I wanted to document his first crawl. My husband came home the other night and voilá! It happened. It’s almost as if he wanted to show off in front of mommy and daddy. I cried watching him crawl for the first time. Not because of him, but because of me. I’m quickly losing my little baby.

8 Month Old Baby Food

I haven’t taken the initiative to feed him solid foods yet. It freaks me out that he only has 2 bottom teeth and that he might not be ready to chew yet. For that reason, he’s been sticking to purees. He hasn’t really been a picky eater yet. Phew!

8 Month Old Baby Nap Routine

Rocco has been napping 2 times a day. The morning one is usually 2 hours and his afternoon nap is about 1.5 hours. Not bad. I like to spend this time with Julianna or getting things done around the house.

Daylight Saving Time

So, now that we have “gained” an hour, I have decided to stick to the same sleep routine for the kids. It means that since they were going to bed at 8 P.M., they are now going to bed at 7:00 P.M. Ummm… yes please. My husband and I put the kids down to sleep last night at 7:00 P.M. and we didn’t even know what to do with all of our extra free time. So awesome. I had forgotten about this. I think it’s easier to do this than to have the kids go through a routine change.

8 Month Old Baby Standing

Yes. This happened. Rocco decided to crawl and stand on his own all in the same week. He crawls up to furniture and easily pulls himself up. I even found him standing in his crib the other day which freaked me out since I have it on the highest setting. It’s really nerve-wracking and stressful to see your kid learning how to stand. I’m always in fear thinking that he’ll bump his head really hard. We have flooring throughout the house and carpet in the rooms. However, we spend 80% of our time in the living room/kitchen and 20% in their rooms.

8 Month Old Baby Holidays

This was Rocco’s first Halloween too. He was our little chicken.

What are your little ones discovering at 8 months old? I’d love to know. Leave your comments below.

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