Mama Update: Rocco is 9 Months Old

9 months! WOW. Just wow. It seems like it was yesterday when I was writing about his 8-month-old update. Baby boy has given us 9 months filled with so much love and joy. Rocco is such an easy-going little dude that I can’t ask for more.

Rocco has been doing great. After recovering from an almost 3 week cold, he’s been enjoying the holidays as much as us and his sister Julianna. Here are his most recent milestones and update:


He’s drinking four 8 oz. bottles a day. He’ll have his first bottle when he wakes up, then one before his first nap, then another one before his second nap, and then the last one before bedtime. Besides his bottles, he eats baby food twice a day. Typically an hour after his first nap (usually one that includes fruit) and then an hour after his second nap (usually one with vegetables.) He’s perfectly fed every single day. Because of this, he’s never cranky because of hunger.


Rocco is sleeping 12 hours. Sometimes 13. I know. I’m so happy about that. He also sleeps 2 hours for his first nap and then about 1 hour for his second nap. His naps are every 2.45-3 hours and I don’t let him sleep past 5 P.M. I wouldn’t call this just “luck”. I’ve worked pretty hard in keeping my kids on a strict sleeping schedule.


Rocco currently has 4 bottom teeth. The 4th one began coming out not too long ago, so it isn’t fully exposed yet.Teething always gives him a little bit of discomfort and irritability, but Tylenol/ Motrin and cold teething toys usually calm him down and solve the problem. *Please consult with your doctor/ Pediatrician before giving your child any type of medication.*


Rocco is now crawling on his knees. He’s actually pretty fast too! It’s hilarious. Whenever he’s determined to get somewhere, he’ll lower his head and TAKE OFF!


Rocco’s weight: 20 lbs.

Likes and Dislikes

He dislikes car rides. For some reason, he’ll usually cry the whole way. I always feed him, change him, and give him toys before heading out but it never works. Not sure what ticks him off. I think it’s the fact that he hates being strapped.

He likes pineapple. I had him lick a piece and he would make the funniest faces (since it’s a bit sour) but he kept reaching for more.

He dislikes being left alone. Sometimes when we’re playing in Julianna’s room, and we have to quickly leave to take Julianna to the bathroom, he’ll crawl around and get to where we are. Too cute.

That’s pretty much it for the little dude’s milestones and updates. What’s your little one up to?



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  • Robin | AllTheDaysWithBabyK
    December 11, 2017 at 8:13 AM

    Our little ones are close in age, and I think 9 months has been so much fun. Pineapple is next on our list of new foods to try. 🙂

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