Mama Update: Rocco is 10 Months Old

Hi all!

Rocco is 10 months old! Just in time for the New Year. I feel like he’s grown so much this month. His face looks different and even his demeanor is different. I wish I could pin-point what’s so different about him, but I honestly feel it’s an attitude thing.

Rocco is a total mama’s boy. More like inseparable. He can’t have me at a distance because he’ll lose his s$@t. He’ll start crying, twisting and turning until I hold him. Once I do, everything’s totally fine. It’s hilarious to watch; for me, not so much. I can’t even have a minute to myself sometimes. I can’t remember Julianna being this way. She’s extremely attached to me, but Rocco is just different. Oh boy!


Rocco has been taking his usual 8 oz. bottles and eating his baby food twice a day. I’ve tried introducing little solids but he gags so hard he’ll sometimes vomit. I’ve tried to smash bananas and avocados, but the consistency always gets him. I think he’s just not ready. I’m going to wait a little longer for this.


Talk about teething. He is teething with full force. My baby has 4 bottom teeth and the top 4 are coming out all at once. Poor dude. The day that we were coming back to Vegas from Florida, he had a super high fever, runny nose, and pink cheeks.

He’s been chewing and gnawing on everything that he gets ahold of. Some may criticize my strategy, but a small dose of Children’s Tylenol always does the trick. It saves me a whole lot of aggravation and it saves him a whole lot of pain. Besides medication, I also let him play with his cold teething toys and I use Orajel when needed too.


Rocco is currently weighing 21 lbs. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s 21 lbs. and my almost 3-year-old daughter is 27 lbs. Is that even normal? I know he’s a boy and all, but WOW. Just wow. Is he catching up to her or is she falling behind? Not sure.


I gave Rocco some yogurt this month. He loved it. I also tried giving him some strawberry yogurt melts. He puked. Sigh.

I had mentioned on his previous 8-month post that he disliked car rides. I decided to remove the backseat baby mirror to see how he would react. I think he was getting frustrated seeing me through the mirror and not being able to reach me. You’ll never believe it. The situation improved. Who knew? I’m so happy it has. It was making my car rides unbearable.

I’m now beginning to plan and think of what I’m going to do for his 1st birthday. Joey and I went overboard for Julianna’s 1st birthday. This time around, we’re being a little bit more conservative. We’ll most likely do something small and intimate where we can take some meaningful pictures and spend time with the family. My mom had warned me about this. The second time around is always different. Isn’t it?

What are your little ones up to? Comment below.



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  • julia Andron
    January 2, 2018 at 6:48 AM

    He definitely loves his mommy! Its a great feeling but like you said can be stressful sometimes when you are trying to get things done.
    He is progressing beautifully .
    You are doing a fine job ..
    Love the pacifier with the teeth

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