My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants in Las Vegas

Oh, Viva Las Vegas! The city that never sleeps. The famously known as “Sin City”. Our city. Our now called “home”. Pretty crazy, right? No, we don’t live on the strip. No, we don’t gamble. No, we don’t party and drink all the time. These are the typical questions that we get when people find out that we live in Las Vegas. But the answer is NO. Joey and I live in Henderson which is about 20 minutes away from the strip, so the “party life” that people picture us having is really non-existent.

We’ve lived in Las Vegas for 4 years now, so we’ve had the opportunity to get to know our city pretty well. Joey and I like to have date nights often and we typically like to try different restaurants around town. People call us crazy because we sometimes end up going to the strip (a total big local’s no-no) but we just love it so much that we don’t care about touristy prices, traffic, or typical craziness.

Since so many of you have asked us what our favorite restaurants are, I decided to make a list of our top 10 favorite restaurants. Here it goes:

Beauty and Essex: Located at The Cosmopolitan hotel, it has been consistently ranked as one of the hottest restaurants in Las Vegas. They have a beautiful “Pearl Lounge” where you can enjoy handcrafted cocktails before being seated in their main dining room. They have an array of delicious items on the menu. Our favorites are the Yellowtail Sashimi, Caesar Toast, Pulled Chicken Arepas, Tomato Burrata, Oven Braised Chicken Meatballs, and the Spaghettini is just amazeballs.

STK: This steakhouse is such a trendy place to be. It’s so flirty and fun, especially on Monday night. This restaurant is also located in The Cosmopolitan Hotel. We’ve been to the one in Miami and New York, but the one in Las Vegas is by far the best one for us. Disclosure: I’m a bread eater. I actually get excited to eat the complimentary bread that’s served in every single restaurant. I’ll accept it. I usually stuff my face with bread. STK’S garlic bread and the special mystery green sauce that comes with it is just to die for. I usually order the burrata and beet salad, my husband usually orders the seafood platter (all for himself because I don’t eat any of that), I get the 8 oz. skirt steak, and we typically get the creamed corn, the creamy Yukon potatoes, and the broccolini as sides to share. I know. We’re crazy indulgers. A.K.A. as foodies.

Honey Salt: This cute little restaurant is located in a neighborhood called Summerlin. It’s about 40 minutes away from where we live, but it’s so worth the drive. Joey and I like to visit this place at least a few times a year. It’s such a cute little place and their food is just incredibly fresh and delicious. They serve organic foods and they change their menu according to the different vegetables and fruits that are in season. We love it. Their heirloom tomato and burrata salad is the bomb-diggity.

Borracha Mexican Cantina: This Mexican restaurant is located in Green Valley Ranch Hotel in Henderson. This is about 10 minutes away from our house. Every time we feel like drinking margaritas and eating the endless chip bowl with guacamole and salsa, we head to this place. Their Roasted Summer Corn Salad is legit.

Mon Ami Gabi: This French Bistro never fails. It’s located below the Paris Hotel on the strip. Their strip views are second to none. Their outdoor patio is perfect for any special occasion. You can see the Bellagio fountain as you enjoy their delicious meals. Joey and I love to order a bottle of white wine and just celebrate life. This restaurant has a special place in my heart because this is the restaurant that we chose to have lunch after our wedding. Our favorites include the Baked Goat Cheese, the Wild Mushroom Tartare, the Sea Scallops, and any of their Prime Steak Frites.

Naga: Our favorite Thai restaurant. It used to be really close to our old place, but once we moved to Inspirada, this restaurant is about 20 minutes away from our house. It’s still in Henderson, just not close to our house. Their complimentary chips and sweet and sour sauce are addicting. Once you have one, you can’t stop. I swear. I’m obsessed with their Yellow Curry with chicken too.

Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant: Located on the outskirts of the strip, this Italian restaurant offers the perfect Italian dishes. Their lunch menus are great and inexpensive. They always have special offers so we like to take advantage of them whenever we can.

Lupo: Lupo is part of the Wolfgang Puck chain of restaurants located in Mandalay Bay hotel on the strip. Their Italian dishes are presented in such a beautiful way that it makes you want to eat and try everything on their menu. Their presentation and flavors are in perfect sync. Their fresh salads and appetizers definitely leave you craving for more.

CRAFT Kitchen: It’s a local restaurant close to where we live. They serve Organic foods as well; which we absolutely love and prefer. Their chefs definitely feed people like they want to be fed. Their food has perfect flavors and serving sizes.

Maggiano’s Little Italy: I know this place is common in many cities, but Maggiano’s is always one of our go-to places when we go out as a family. Since everything is “family style” you can definitely save a few bucks if you all agree on a meal. Their Spaghetti and Meatballs are the best. Julianna LOVES that pasta, the Crispy Zucchini Fritte, and Calamari Fritte. We usually share these dishes so the bill isn’t crazy. Not only do we enjoy that meal, but we love taking their leftovers.

I hope this list is helpful for whenever you visit Las Vegas. If you’ve been here before, what were your favorite restaurants?



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