Meet Karina

My name is Karina Andron, the handsome guy next to me is my husband Joey, the little happy firecracker is our daughter Julianna, and the sleeping prince is our son Rocco. I’m a Venezuelan girl that grew up in Florida where I had the blessing to meet the man of my dreams. After dating for a year, we decided to move to Las Vegas and start a new life full of dreams and aspirations.

Our love grew stronger and deeper, so we decided to start a family. Soon after, I was pregnant with the little angel that changed our lives forever – our sweet daughter Julianna. Almost 2 years later, our son Rocco came into our world and made life so much sweeter. Our family is now complete.

I created this page because I noticed that I am slowly discovering new things about myself as a mother and as a wife. Motherhood, is without a doubt, the most beautiful experience, but it isn’t always easy. I hope that you can find this page as a place to feel identified and supported throughout your journey as well.

By the way – Experience Las Vegas in the eyes of a mom.